Remote Governance & Collection (RGC)

Don’t stress about remote data collection. We’ve got your back.

At DSi, we have our own Remote Governance and Collection Platform (RGC) that remotely identifies, collects, verifies, filters, and transfers eDiscovery data – saving you the significant investment that would be required to collect data offsite or at multiple locations.

Simply install our RGC behind your firewall and our digital forensic experts can login remotely (and covertly if you like) to perform forensic data collections from any accessible device on the network. And it does so in a timely, secure and cost-effective manner with minimal demand on your IT resources.

It doesn’t matter if the data is hiding on computers, servers, smartphones, tablets and other devices. If it is on your network, we will find it, so you can rest assured that your remote collection is fully defensible.

Our remote collection platform can also:


• Perform data filtering during eDiscovery collection, which reduces subsequent processing or storage expenses.

• Scale eminently, with the ability to be customized and support add-on modules and additional servers as needed – allowing you to finely and continually calibrate your eDiscovery spend to your eDiscovery needs.

• Ensure continuity of operations and profits because of its ability to pinpoint the exact data needed and covertly collect at any time – day or night.

• Verify data is preserved and protected.

• Help you identify issues in your information management policy , retention and network security – prompting you to adjust policies that could lead to significant legal costs in the future.

The exclusive combination of tested hardware and systems in our Remote Governance and Collection Platform allows eDiscovery to be handled efficiently and flexibly. Plus, with RGC, we automatically include DSihold, our proprietary litigation hold software.

Learn more about our data collection methods. Contact us or check out these resources:


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DSi Intake is an Early Case Assessment (ECA) tool that provides in-depth information about your data up front, saving you time and money.




Simplify your legal hold process with DSihold, our automated and flexible litigation hold software that can save you time and money and ensure defensibility.

Remote Governance & Collection (RGC)

Remote Governance & Collection (RGC)


DSi’s Remote Governance and Collection platform (RGC) allows us to collect data remotely from any accessible device on the network.

The eDiscovery landscape changes fast, and your IT must change with it. Stay up to date with new technologies, big data, forensics and more.

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