Is an Information Management (IM) policy necessary – even for a small business?

information managementRead this case study for more information


We’ll provide a real-life example of the challenges faced when a small company was issued a third-party subpoena and was ill-prepared without an IM policy.

Don’t assume your company won’t be involved in a lawsuit. An information management (IM) policy can save money in the long run – whether or not the data is ever needed for a case. This case study shows what happened to one small business that faced a subpoena and wasn’t prepared with an IM policy.

Some of the things you’ll learn include:

  • Why you need an information management policy
  • How to decide what data can be deleted
  • How to store information

An information management policy is necessary even for companies with less than 30 employees. This case study will show you exactly what can happen if you don’t have the necessary procedures in place.

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