Learn more about how our Remote Governance and Collections (RGC) platform can ease the eDiscovery process

RGC POC coverWe’ll provide an example of how we demonstrated RGC’s viability to one client

You want to try a new eDiscovery collection and filtering tool before you use it. We understand. This free case study explains our proof of concept for our Remote Governance and Collections platform.

The case study shows the following results:

  • Collection of 1,078,004 records each from Exchange mail and the company’s archive system for a total of 2,156,008 records
  • Collection of 398,049 files of network share data in multiple formats and on many type of systems
  • Filtering at the time of collection by file type, date range and deNISTing, which expedited collection
  • Total cost savings of $60,000

The RGC is more than a collection tool. It can manage data, as well as collect it – allowing you to identify issues in your information management policies, retention and network security, adding significant value to your operations.



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