Privacy Policy

DSi’s Privacy Policy sets forth how we use the data we receive and how we handle any questions or concerns that you might have.

We will not sell, rent, barter or distribute to any third party, information contained within any of DSi infrastructure, including personal information about you without expressed knowledge and consent.

Client Data
We provide secure websites and data storage on behalf of clients. Information (data or documents) we receive or collect is generally not available to the general public. It belongs to the respective client who engaged us to provide services in accordance with our agreement with that client. Data we receive from our clients is used for searching, sharing, updating, etc., in accordance with the terms of our agreement with each client. Decisions regarding what data gets hosted or shipped and made available to persons outside of DSi are made by the client and implemented by DSi.

This includes any personal information entered by you on the site or entered by others regarding you. If you have questions about information contained on the site or the uses to which it may be put, please contact the client who engaged us to provide that site.

All data and media in the DSi environment are kept secure and accessible to employees with correct authorization. The locations of our data servers and media vault are all video-monitored with biometric or keyed entry. We also contract with a third-party vendor to transport backup tapes from our location to an off-site storage facility. The tapes are kept in sealed containers and the vendor is not given authorization to access any client data.

DSi Data
We may collect information about you that you provide voluntarily on our website or through online registrations for DSi materials, information, promotions and events. We will use this information only for internal purposes, including responding to you or providing you with information about DSi and its products. Any of this data can be removed at the request of the client.

How We Use and Protect Third Party Data
We may grant access, on a need to know basis, to client data to our employees or contractors who require access to the data in order to deliver services requested by a client. Data will never be sent to a third party vendor without the knowledge and approval of the client. All such employees and/or contractors are bound by confidentiality agreements and privacy policies.

European Third Party Data—Safe Harbor
We self-certify compliance with

DSi receives information and data from multiple locations including from countries that are part of the European Union (EU). DSi has committed to handling data coming from the EU in accordance with the Safe Harbor Principles and is registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce as a member of the Safe Harbor network.

Questions and Compliance
Persons have questions about this privacy policy or who believe we are in violation should contact us. We will work with you to address your issues. In the unlikely event that we are unable to address your issues satisfactorily, you may seek mediation through the American Arbitration Association.

Policy Updates
This policy may be updated from time to time. We will change the revision date on the cover page of the policy when modifications occur.

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