Scott Blackwell and Dan Mink
Scott Blackwell & Dan Mink

What’s better than three VenioOne Certified Administrators?

Five VenioOne Certified Administrators!

This past summer we announced three of our team members received VenioOne Certification. We’re thrilled to announce that two more members of our team are certified — Scott Blackwell, operations team leader, and Dan Mink, senior review manager.

“Our clients continue to see the value of using the VenioOne Unified eDiscovery Platform because it provides the full spectrum of eDiscovery needs – from ingestion to production – in one place,” Blackwell said. “DSi is committed to helping them with every phase they are using to their full potential.”

VenioOne’s Certification Training Program was developed for just this reason: to equip trusted partners with the knowledge and skills needed to manage matters within the platform. Training includes at least three months of experience with VenioOne Desktop Console and VenioOne Web and a two-day on-site program designed to illustrate best practices through hands-on exercises. Passing an examination at the end of day two completes the certification process.

“About a year ago, as a company we determined we needed to integrate VenioOne into our service offerings,” Mink said. “The training has been critical to our success with the software platform, and we’ve been intentional in making sure those from both our client services and operations teams are involved and understand the tool.”

Mink is also a Catalyst Certified Administrator, Catalyst Certified Predict Specialist, Catalyst Certified User and Everlaw Certified Support Pro in addition to being VenioOne Certified Administrator.

The eagerness of our employees to commit to training programs like those provided by VenioOne highlights our company’s core values, which are the cornerstones of our core purpose, “eDiscovery About People.”

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