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metadata case study

Using Metadata to Prove a Case

Case StudiesJanuary 27, 2014

This case study outlines how DSi used metadata to uncover a smoking gun in a complex employment case.

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Insight Predict case study

Comparing Catalyst Insight Predict with Linear Review

Case StudiesAugust 26, 2013

This case study shows the results of a pilot program for Technology Assisted Review with Catalyst Insight Predict compared to linear review on an important case.

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predictive coding case study

Predictive Coding Savings of More Than $175,000

Case StudiesMay 29, 2013

This case study shows how technology assisted review and predictive coding can save time and money during attorney review.

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Agility in eDiscovery case study

Agility in eDiscovery

Case StudiesMay 23, 2013

This case study details a very fast-moving eDiscovery project — going from collection to production in 2 business days.

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multiple sampling methods case study

Using Multiple Sampling Methods

Case StudiesDecember 26, 2012

This case study details different sampling methods used on a highly unresponsive data set to refine and perfect search terms.

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