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Multiple Collection Methods case study

Using Multiple Collection Methods to Collect Data from Two Locations

Case StudiesApril 17, 2015

This case study shows how DSi used a combination of remote and on-site collection to gather data from six total custodians.

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remote collection case study

Using RGC to Collect Data from an Organization’s Facilities Across the Country

Case StudiesNovember 3, 2014

This case study outlines how DSi covertly collected data from 450-plus custodians in 15 locations without physically sending any analysts to the sites.

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Using Software to Simplify and Automate the Legal Hold Process

Case StudiesOctober 31, 2014

Having a defensible legal hold process is critical to avoiding sanctions for data spoliation. This case study covers one company's transition from manual tracking to defensible, automated litigation hold software.

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extortionary ediscovery case study

Combating Extortionate eDiscovery Costs By Culling Data

Case StudiesJuly 2, 2014

This case study outlines how DSi culled 400 backup tapes quickly and economically in an effort to resist extortionate eDiscovery costs.

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Predictive Plus case study

Using Predictive Plus

Case StudiesMarch 26, 2014

This case study outlines how Predictive Plus provides transparent eDiscovery pricing including Technology Assisted Review.

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