by John Burchfield

When companies and law firms have early access to detailed knowledge about a case’s data, they are empowered to make intelligent decisions about the rest of the eDiscovery process. Only a few months ago, obtaining this kind of valuable, in-depth information about data at the beginning of a project was next to impossible, making subsequent data processing potentially time-consuming and expensive.

Just as we had created DSihold so our clients could easily manage litigation holds, our engineering team has developed DSi Intake to help our clients learn more about their data at the beginning of the eDiscovery process, saving them both time and money. With this proprietary application, our clients are able to forecast costs, craft a precise workflow and prepare a thorough budget with unparalleled accuracy.


How It Works

When we receive data, we create a forensically valid copy within our vault, load it into an encrypted digital container and code the virtual repository to coincide with any physical media. Within our secure virtual vault, we can look at file type, date range, number of duplicates and other factors to determine what the remaining data size and document count will be after the selected filters have been applied – all before ingesting the data into a processing or review tool. Intake also recognizes compound file types, catalogs all files and metadata within the identified sets, generates hash codes and indexes files.

Having an early view of your fully extracted data helps you determine up front, based on factual information, what data should or should not be processed, saving both time and money.

DSintake provides advanced data security and redundancy, superior file management, accelerated data processing, improved job monitoring and reporting capabilities, augmented use of hardware resources, enhanced quality control procedures and improved defensibility of the eDiscovery process.


Additional services include: data recovery of damaged or inaccessible information on hard drives, archive tape drives, servers, virtual machines and databases; password cracking; and forensic analysis of virtually any type of data, including proprietary information, search history, metadata, password-protected files and corrupted files.

DSintake Benefits

  • Provides predictable pricing without requiring the expensive assumptions associated with all-in pricing models
  • Helps you make intelligent decisions about your data
  • Reduces time spent in managing the eDiscovery workflow
  • Ensures collected data is secure and uncompromised
  • Saves money by knowing what data not to process
  • Oversees quality with personalized customer service
  • Integrates easily with our other systems, including DSinsight and our tools for data processing, data filtering, predictive coding and review

As our tagline notes, our focus is “eDiscovery about people,” and DSintake, with its many features and benefits, helps fulfill that mission. It is one more way we are staying ahead of the eDiscovery curve so that our clients stay ahead in the litigation arena.

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