by John Burchfield


As noted in our blog post on our DSintake program, it’s crucial for litigation professionals to have details about the case data early on in the eDiscovery process to properly strategize and estimate costs.

Ipro’s Allegro is a newer tool in our wheelhouse that helps us provide those details, control costs and streamline workflows – and Ipro recently released a new version of Allegro as part of their enterprise suite upgrades.

Ipro is a global leader in the development of litigation software tools for early case assessment, eDiscovery, review, processing and production. We’ve talked about their review platform, Eclipse, in a previous blog post.

Allegro is an early case assessment tool that provides legal teams with insight into the size, scope and composition of data collections upfront, empowering them to make informed decisions about the remainder of the eDiscovery process before investing significant time and money into the case.

Allegro’s customizable filtering options and advanced keyword search help condense data collection up to 90 percent, saving both time and money without losing security.

The data is presented in interactive graphs, charts and timelines, making it easy to pinpoint specific date ranges, key custodians or other relevant metadata.

Allegro integrates seamlessly into our DSintake process and allows our clients to determine the following:

  • Key custodians, terms and date ranges that should be included in the eDiscovery plan
  • Timeline gaps in the collected data that need to be addressed
  • Size and scope of the data collection
  • Costs to review selected data

The recent upgrades to Allego include:

  • Integrated OCR via enterprise workers
  • The ability to define up to three levels of sorting criteria for exports
  • The ability to configure and manage time zone settings
  • The addition of new metadata fields for search and export
  • Utilizing Mount Image Pro™ as the default forensic image mounting tool

As you can tell, Allegro is a great addition to DSintake, laying the groundwork for a smooth eDiscovery process that provides our clients with valuable information while saving them time and money.

Staying true to our mission of “eDiscovery About People,” DSi is constantly seeking and evaluating new products, like Allegro and Eclipse, to ensure we are providing our clients with the best solutions for their needs.


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