We’re excited to be part of next week’s FREE ILTA event: The FBI on Cybersecurity. Cyber is becoming a notable part of almost every conversation we have, so much so that our sister company, Asylas, has joined us in sponsoring the program.

Asylas helps companies prepare for the inevitable and unexpected on the cyber front, which you’ll only continue to read more about in the coming weeks, months and years. It’s a vital part of any comprehensive data management, privacy and eDiscovery plan.

Scott Augenbaum, who has been with the FBI since 1988 and has led hundreds of discussions and briefings regarding emerging data breach threats and how to prepare and prevent them, will lead the session. It’s a great opportunity to learn from his expertise.

We hope to see you at the event — more details and registration information can be found below.

More information and register here

Location: Bass Berry & Sims

Date/Time: Feb. 15, Noon-1:00pm CT

Speaker: Scott Augenbaum, Special Agent, FBI

Description: Why are transnational criminal enterprises and foreign intelligence services targeting our nation’s law firms and are we doing everything we can to stay safe? Advances in technology have made businesses run more effectively, but also left them more vulnerable to cyberattacks and cybercrime. We will discuss the current cyberthreats facing businesses, the FBI’s role and response to cybercrime, and our recommendations for pre-breach and post-breach efforts.

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