Transparent. Sound. Well-documented. With us, your evidence is in good hands.

When it comes to evidence in litigation, you can’t take chances. One slip up – bad chain-of-custody, corrupted metadata or accidental data loss – can spell bad news for your case. 

DSi’s certified digital forensic technicians rely on extensive training and advanced tools to perform complete digital forensic investigations, full forensic imaging and in-depth analysis. We don’t fool around with your evidence. There is a strict methodology behind what we do, and we ensure that our work is verified and all evidence is kept from spoliation. Our reputation demands that everything we do meets the highest standards for handling evidence.

Our state-of-the art forensics lab – with our robust security system and top-of-the-line, enterprise-level hardware and software – enables our forensic team to quickly and securely recover and examine electronically stored information (ESI).

Our forensic experts maintain comprehensive chain of custody records and provide detailed reports on every action taken, ensuring the evidence produced is validated and defensible. We are also available to testify our findings in court or through prepared affidavits. We are with you from the beginning to the end because our reputation is on the line as well.



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• Forensic Data Collection
• Forensic Analysis
• Forensic Consulting
• Encryption and Password Cracking

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Forensic Analysis

Forensic Analysis


We work with all digital devices to collect, process and analyze nearly any type of data.

Encryption & Password Cracking

Encryption & Password Cracking


Sometimes the data you need is locked – and you don’t have the key or password. Our engineers use powerful technology to get you access to your data.

Forensic Consulting

Forensic Consulting


DSi leverages its experience, technology and people to help firms and corporations manage forensic collection, forensic analysis and the presentation of evidence.

The eDiscovery landscape changes fast, and your IT must change with it. Stay up to date with new technologies, big data, forensics and more.

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Learn how we examined audio files from a spy pen to determine key data had been changed.


This free case study outlines how our forensic analysts analyzed the spy pen, data and metadata to prove the files had been altered.



Download our free Spy Pen and Digital Forensics case study.