Eclipse Review

A leading eDiscovery tool and review platform, Eclipse has been adapted by our engineering team to incorporate many of DSi’s proprietary processes and algorithms, including keyword analytics, complex sampling techniques, near duplicate analysis, document threading and predictive ranking.

DSi collection offerings – such as our RGC – are easily integrated into Eclipse so that data can be securely and seamlessly transferred from a remote location to the platform within our headquarters.

We are also able to give our clients unparalleled flexibility and case control using a built-in dashboard that shows the status of every case. Geographical boundaries are eliminated because clients can access case data at the office or on the web in a Software as a Service (SAAS) environment. Other features and benefits of Eclipse will allow our clients to:

  • Customize workflow review—clients can use smart folders and rules to organize by tag and file type.
  • Drag and drop document capabilities—clients can organize project documents by user preferences.
  • Examine document boundaries—clients can see document content to aid in data selection.
  • View generations of document relationships—clients can trace a document’s beginnings eight generations deep.
  • Customize workspace environments—clients can maximize efficiency by dragging, docking or floating project windows.
  • View multiple production files from a single interface—clients can view TIFF, HTML, Native, OCR and transcript files concurrently.
  • Tag children, parent and sibling documents—clients can connect documents by like keywords, up to eight generations deep.
  • Perform page and document level tagging—clients can speed up the search process by connecting documents via keywords.
  • Enhance search capabilities—clients can use Search Wizard to assist in data and document examination.


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