by Tom Turner

IMG_3516DSi’s core purpose, “eDiscovery About People,” is not only about our clients but also embodies how we value our employees. DSi isn’t possible without our incredibly hardworking, talented team. So when we received our “Best in Business” scores and saw that we ranked lower in benefits than other categories, I turned to the team and asked “How can we make this better?”

We sent around a survey asking how we could improve company benefits, and the responses were clear. There were three primary areas that needed attention:

1. Our Existing Insurance Provider Partnership

Although our healthcare insurance rates were already some of the lowest available, we did not have a lot of options nor were we getting proactive service from our existing provider. With all of the changes in healthcare, we needed a partner who was an expert in healthcare reform and who was going to be proactive in educating DSi on better options and more plans. Following the survey, after several meetings with five different companies and evaluating each of them on the same criteria, DSi switched benefit providers to a company that was focused on customer experience and had significant healthcare insurance experience. We also added life insurance policies and long-term disabilities coverage as this was also pointed out as being extremely important to our employees.

2. Vacation Transparency

DSi salaried employees receive the benefit of an unlimited vacation policy. This has been a popular policy for years. They operate under a high level of autonomy and trust, so it made sense that our vacation policy should reflect the same which is why we were surprised when vacation policy was one of the other areas that was identified as needing attention in the survey. As it turns out, our employees just wanted more transparency around who would be gone and when. At the request of employees we 1) added an online portal that tracks approved vacation hours so that everyone knows when coworkers will be out of the office and 2) we introduced a second policy for tenured hourly employees that allows them to take vacation that has not been accrued.

3. Parking Options

Working downtown in any city puts you right in the middle of the action. It also means that parking can be problematic and pricy. With only a couple of spots available in our building, our employees only had two options for parking: 1) Find their own or 2) Free parking across the river where DSi covered the cost of passes for a shuttle service to get from the parking lot to the office. Our new office space is also downtown and faced the same parking restraints. After learning from the survey that parking was one of the other areas that was of the most concern for many of our employees, we responded by offering a third parking option where DSi would supplement part of the cost of a parking pass that would allow for parking next to our new building. This was a significant out-of-pocket expensive for DSi, but with nearly half of our company choosing this option, it was clearly worth it. We were further able to negotiate discounted parking rates based on the number of spots that we needed at the garage.

DSi is committed to fostering a work culture of transparency, collaboration and appreciation. Listening to employees and working quickly to address requests reaffirms our commitment and ensures positive company morale. “eDiscovery About People” is not just a slogan, it’s how we do business.


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