At DSi, we drive our culture by creating an environment of teamwork and encouragement. One of the ways we do that is through the DSi Hall of Fame. Nominees are chosen based on applause cards, which are submitted throughout the quarter by team members who recognize a fellow co-worker exhibiting the core values of DSi.

Our core values include: Make it Happen, Do the Right Thing, Extraordinary Dedication and Winning the Right Way. At the end of each quarter, one person is chosen from each of the four categories, leading to a total of 16 nominees by the end of the year. A company-wide survey is conducted to select a winner, who is honored at our annual holiday party.

Our 2016 winner, Selamawit Yemane (or “Sal” as she is known around the office), demonstrates each of our core values on a daily basis. One of few words, Sal is described by all as being dependable and willing to help anyone with anything.

“She is the first in the office in the morning and does an extraordinary job of opening the shop for the day,” Sal’s manager (and our 2015 Hall of Fame winner!) Jaime Beasley said. “She is loved by everyone that meets her.”

Sal, who is originally from Ethiopia, got to the United States by sheer luck.

“I applied for and won the green card lottery to move to the United States from Ethiopia,” Sal said.

In 1999, Sal moved to Atlanta, where she worked at a company in photocopy operations. The same year, she became a United States citizen. After relocating to Nashville to be closer to her cousins, Sal looked for a similar job and found herself at DSi.

Sal has been with the company for 12 years and is described by her co-workers as “easily one of the sweetest employees at DSi.” She is constantly being praised for her hard work and dedication.

“I remember when we were moving into the new space and there was a huge copy job that came in and as we were all unpacking she was running paper through the machines,” Jaime recalls. “By the end of her shift she was surrounded in a mountain of paper.”

Sal is a model employee at DSi, and she loves being a part of the company. In addition to staying busy with her duties at the office, Sal volunteers at every DSicover Your Community.

Her favorite part of her job is her co-workers, who are very fond of her, too.

“I am really proud to have Sal on my team,” Jaime said. “I’m so proud of her for all her accomplishments.”

In her free time, Sal enjoys spending time with her two daughters.

As with all our Hall of Fame inductees, Sal’s signature was permanently burnt into the Hall of Fame wooden wall in the front of our office. We are honored to have Sal at DSi!

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