Confidential. Reliable. Protected. We keep your data right where you want it.

When you deal with highly confidential information on a daily basis, you learn the importance of security and accessibility. DSi has never had a security incident. Our people, our methods and our technology inspire confidence in our clients.

How do we do it? By establishing extremely secure facilities and pairing them with rigorous protocols for protecting the most sensitive data you own. Here are the specifics:


Data Center Operations and Physical Security

Our ISO 17799 compliant data center resides in our building in a private, unmarked location. There are several physical layers of security required to access it, including biometric fingerprint scanner, motion and vibration sensors and 24/7 camera monitoring. We track our own employees as closely as we track your data, to ensure no one has unauthorized access to your sensitive information.


Disaster Recovery

All client data and company critical systems are consistently backed up to a secure colocation facility to mitigate any problems, loss of time or loss of data, should our servers go offline for any reason. We are prepared for what would take down most other companies.


Application Security

DSi has implemented thorough physical and technical security measures to prevent unauthorized access to critical information. This allows us to protect the integrity of data and hardware and ensure information and systems remain available at all times. We also have next-generation firewalls and software in place to scan each piece of data multiple times for viruses and malicious code. Additionally, our public-facing servers are segregated from workstations that deal with sensitive data.


Employee Security Policies

All DSi employees are required to follow our written policies, which govern data handling, employee conduct, confidentiality, log management, change control, information security awareness, education and training and acceptable use of assets, including user IDs and passwords, electronic messaging, Internet and Intranet, telephones, telecommuting and all internal systems and equipment.


U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Certified

DSi has committed to handling data from EU countries in accordance with the Safe Harbor Principles  and is registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce as a member of the Safe Harbor network.


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By pairing our extremely secure facilities with rigorous protocols for protecting the most sensitive data you own, we keep your data right where you want it – behind several layers of security. We also back up all data to mitigate any issues, should our servers go offline for any reason.




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