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At DSi, we’re committed to our people – that means our clients, our employees and our community. People are our main focus and driving mission.

About Us

Since 1999, DSi has provided high-quality litigation technology, electronic discovery and digital forensics services to law firms and corporations around the world. And we excel at it. Yet – all of our technology, processes, security protocols, services and expertise are just to support our #1 goal: Putting people first.

We have a “whatever it takes” attitude and push ourselves to meet and exceed client expectations. We do so by living our core values:

  • Make it happen
  • Extraordinary dedication
  • Win the right way
  • Do the right thing

Our clients often tell us it’s DSi’s commitment to the relationship that sets us apart. We do what’s in the best interest of our clients, not our bottom line. We value honesty and will provide you with the best solution, every time, even if that means we take a loss.

How We Work With You

We care about our clients. Which is why we care about our employees. Our people are our greatest assets, and we have a strict hiring process to ensure that we find folks who are not only smart and experienced, but are also a good fit with the great group of people we have. Our employees have the necessary skills, knowledge and professionalism to do what it takes to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations every time.

eDiscovery isn’t simple. At DSi, we’re able to work with complicated technology and convey that knowledge to clients in a way that’s easy to grasp, and we provide you with the right information so you can make informed and intelligent decisions about your data.

We build customized, scalable solutions for companies and law firms of all sizes. Our personal approach ensures targeted results. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness in our products, services and customer experience.

Tom Turner was one of the first people I met when starting my career in litigation support. What struck me about Tom was that he truly cared more about helping us bring technological advancements to our firm than making money. He wants to see his clients succeed.

Sandy Ward
Director of Client Services

We provide better services to clients because of the close relationships we have with our coworkers. At DSi, your coworkers aren’t just people you see from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. They’re your friends for life – it’s more like a family here.

Blake Stadler
Client Support Coordinator

Before joining DSi, I had never been part of a team where you get such strong buy-in from so many different departments that want to succeed for their clients. Our team lives out our “make it happen” core value every day.

Tyler Haney
eDiscovery Consultant

Our People

We are a people-focused technology company. We believe that all the best platforms and cutting-edge technology options in the world don’t mean anything if they’re not managed well – by people who are knowledgeable and who care about what they do. DSi’s team is full of eDiscovery experts who can build solutions that ensure your data is handled smartly and correctly, while controlling costs and mitigating risks.

We can do that because we’ve created an environment that encourages asking questions and working with people across departments. We also strongly believe in recognizing and celebrating work that is done well. And, thanks to frequent non-work events, we know each other on a personal level – giving us an ease of communication that helps us boost morale and perform more efficiently. Happy workers are 12 percent more productive than the average worker, while unhappy workers are 10 percent less productive than the average. By focusing on our people, everyone wins.

We have fun together. Not just because of the ping-pong tournaments, but because we seriously enjoy what we do. And to make our jobs even more enjoyable, we put a strong emphasis on company culture. We have a number of culture-enhancing initiatives, such as:

  •  DSicover You 

  •  DSi University

  •  DSicover Your Community 

Why DSi?

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, and with offices nationwide, DSi has the capacity and availability to serve our clients’ eDiscovery and digital forensics needs across the country and around the world. By mobilizing our culture, our clients are able to see the benefits of the programs we have and how these programs impact them. In fact, it’s become a big selling point: Our culture initiatives have yielded better communication and an overall increase in employee morale, both of which have
led to better experiences for our clients.

We’re not your typical eDiscovery firm. We are about people. And that has set us apart in the litigation technology field. And it’s why both our employees and our clients are here for the long-term.

This is a special place to be a part of, and we promise to give you our best. We look forward to putting our experience to work for you.


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By pairing our extremely secure facilities with rigorous protocols for protecting the most sensitive data you own, we keep your data right where you want it – behind several layers of security. We also back up all data to mitigate any issues, should our servers go offline for any reason.




At DSi, we use advanced techniques and state-of-the-art software to deliver solid results for our projects every time. We love the eDiscovery work we do, and we love the people we work with even more. Get to know those we’re proud to call our partners.

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