by Tom Turner

This is the second installment of our look back at DSi’s history in celebration of our 15th anniversary. We’ve come a long way from the two-man team working 100-hour weeks in 1999, but no matter how much DSi has grown and evolved, our dedication to accuracy, efficiency and exceeding expectations has endured.


As I mentioned in the previous blog post, we were just getting our feet wet with eDiscovery in the early 2000s. This was a brand new market and very few folks were familiar with the concept. From the beginning, though, we recognized the potential for its growth. To help us bring this technology and its capabilities to our clients we partnered with Ibis Technologies. Together, we built a solid foundation in electronic discovery that was instrumental in our growth.

By the mid 2000s we had built a solid reputation for providing cutting edge litigation services for our clients, but firms still didn’t fully understand the purpose and value of eDiscovery. We began educating clients on how eDiscovery benefits saves time, money and headaches. Education is still a priority for us. We offer free white papers, case studies and continuing legal education courses on multiple eDiscovery topics.

Our eDiscovery training proved particularly helpful when the federal court amended civil procedure rules in 2006. This ruling introduces the new category of electronically stored information (ESI), making the information we culled now crucial in litigation.


The following year we saw significant growth – 67 percent – as a direct result of the civil procedure amendment. With growth came growing pains, so we moved from our small office space beneath a Subway to our corporate headquarters in downtown Nashville. During this move we also built a data center and infrastructure that allowed us to bring all eDiscovery projects in-house. (As of last month we’ve made the move to an even bigger office space in town, but you’ll have to read about that in our next blog post!)

2007 was just as busy as 2006. In addition to our expanding eDiscovery services, we introduced computer forensic services and added collection and analysis experts to our team. We also started working with Catalyst for cloud computing and data storage. We’ve worked with them in one capacity or another since 2006, and today they remain one of our closest partners.

Beyond Brick and Mortar

DSi was changing as a company. Initially a 100 percent paper-based litigation support company, by the late 2000s 70 percent of our business consisted of eDiscovery and eDiscovery-related services. This shift in our business model meant we no longer had to rely on a brick and mortar market.

We began noticing that companies and law firms didn’t care if our offices were in their backyard. They were willing to ship data to us and conduct reviews in the cloud. Thanks to this shift in thinking, we were gaining more clients outside of Tennessee so we began hiring and expanding in new markets around the country. To maintain our personal connection with clients, we used advanced video conferencing technologies for meetings and created our client services department.

By the end of 2009, DSi had more than doubled in terms of employees and revenue in its 10 years of business with no signs of slowing down. Stay tuned to hear about our most recent – and most exciting – five years.

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