by Tom Turner

This year DSi celebrates 15 years of service. In this final installment of our blog history series (previous installments here and here), we discuss our most recent past while looking ahead to the company’s future.

Software Developments

By 2009, our clients’ understanding of the purpose and benefits of eDiscovery had grown significantly. Together we tested the boundaries of what the technology could do and realized that available software couldn’t handle every project. To ensure that our clients’ needs were met, we developed and released proprietary software that filled these holes in the market.

Hold Login ScreenOur Remote Governance and Collection (RGC) platform was introduced in 2012, allowing us to provide a scalable enterprise solution for remote data acquisition, reducing demand on client’s IT resources. Similarly, by introducing DSihold in 2013 we began offering a secure centralized system that simplifies legal holds. We continue to upgrade both of these platforms as we receive feedback from clients on additional features they’d like to have and other improvements we could make.

Expand and Rebrand

In 2012, we rebranded from Document Solutions, Inc. to DSi to match the name by which we were known as in the industry and, more importantly, to better align with our evolved company’s focus on electronically stored information. Our redesigned logo also reflected the things that set us apart: expertise, stability and confidence.

Building off the growth we saw in the early years, we have expanded to multiple new markets in and out of the state in the last five years. We now have offices in Knoxville, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Philadelphia.

People First

Ultimately, DSi is about people. It’s our main focus and driving mission. The technologies and processes we employ serve to deliver on that promise to all people: our clients, our employees and our community.

Today, we build customizable, scalable enterprise solutions for companies and law firms of all sizes. Our personalized approach ensures efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness in our products, services and customer experience.

We work very hard to educate our clients about all aspects of the eDiscovery process. We’ve hosted and been involved with myriad CLE training events across the country, and we make case studies and white papers available on our website to deepen people’s understanding about eDiscovery and Technology Assisted Review (TAR).

We also listen closely to client feedback. It’s that very feedback that led to us creating Predictive Plus, our predictive coding package that combines TAR pricing per gigabyte and contract attorneys. This new service has helped to eliminate eDiscovery pricing uncertainty.

DSi wouldn’t be anything without the employees who make everything possible. As a further reinforcement of our tagline, “eDiscovery About People,” we created the director of employee happiness position last year to keep employee morale and appreciation top priorities.

With a foundation of innovative technology and excellent customer service and our continued focus on eDiscovery about people, we’re confident that DSi is well positioned for the future. We’ve proven we’re a company that can grow with new technology and services as our industry evolves. We’re excited to see what the future holds.

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