by Sandy Ward

Congratulations to Tom Turner, Kevin Tyner and DSi on 105 years! Nope….not a typo. This is a tough business and it can age you in a rate equivalent to dog years…so 15 years can easily feel like a lifetime! I have had the pleasure of working closely with DSi for the past 14 of those 15 years and have witnessed their company evolve from the local copy shop down the street to an outstanding national provider of legal technology services. It couldn’t have happened to nicer guys and they have truly earned every bit of their success.

The industry has experienced tremendous change in the past 15 years, and Tom and DSi haven’t just kept up. Instead of just barely “keeping up” or completely disappearing like so many other vendors, they have flourished and experienced remarkable growth and success while remaining true leaders and visionaries in the field. This success is not the result of luck or chance but is a direct result of the integrity and character of their leaders.

Tom Turner was one of the first people I met when starting my career in litigation support. One of the things that initially struck me about Tom was that he truly cared more about helping us bring technological advancements to our firm than whatever “unit” he was selling at the time. During those early years, the paper business was king and most vendors cared more about how many clicks they were getting on their copiers than what was actually in their client’s best interests. Tom shared my enthusiasm for technology and process improvement and would often passionately argue himself out of money by encouraging all the stubborn “paper-lovers” to scan their documents at significantly lower rates. He quickly earned my trust and became a key advisor and mentor as I worked to build the litigation technology department at our firm. Those early years were by far the most challenging of my career and I have no doubt that I wouldn’t have made it without DSi’s support and Tom’s wise counsel.

The founding principles that were started by Tom and Kevin have now spread pervasively throughout their organization. Even though they have experienced tremendous growth, they have worked hard to preserve that dedication to superior customer service and quality of work that has been so vital to their success. I am profoundly appreciative of the dedicated service and hard work that goes on throughout the DSi organization on our behalf every day. Tom, Kevin and all of the DSi staff have been constant and unwavering in providing our firm with outstanding support and unparalleled service for the past 15 years. The work they do for us is extraordinary. Their people are extraordinary. Tom, Kevin and everyone as DSI should be very proud of the work they do and the exceptional way they do it. The strength of a company lies in its people and DSI is clearly stronger than ever! We are grateful for your partnership and support and look forward to another 105 years!

Sandra Ward is director of litigation technology for Bass, Berry & Sims.

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