• eDiscovery About People™

eDiscovery About People.

Want to increase efficiency in your eDiscovery matters? Start with a partner who understands your business. We focus on the people behind the mountains of data and leverage our technology to provide customized solutions for our clients.

Team Leaders

Despite the technological nature of our business, eDiscovery is still about people. Team leaders work with our team and yours to move everyone toward the goal of efficient, cost-effective eDiscovery.

Client Services

We look at each project individually. Our planners guide your project through the eDiscovery process, determining which combination of powerful tools and technicians will best suit your needs.

Discovery Consultants

Finding viable, cost-effective solutions for your project is our sales team’s bread and butter. They know all the ways to help determine the best workflow to keep things moving.

Data Folks

Each stage of your project requires specific data formatting. A mistake can cost time, money and patience. Our team has the experience to prepare your data securely no matter which review platform you use.


Our technicians have seen and done it all. Software to manage your legal holds? They built ours. Metadata analysis of mobile devices? No problem. Remote collection software? This stuff is second nature for them.


Even the most tech-savvy industry still requires photocopying and scanning. Our producers have one job: ensure your project is complete, error-free and on time.

Our Partners

We partner with law firms and corporations who deal with everything from a single flash drive to gargantuan amounts of data. It’s more than just technology. Our people ensure that clients understand everything they need to know about their data.

Join the Team

Our philosophy is to hire the right people and empower them to develop and advance—both professionally and personally. This not only creates an outstanding workplace, it helps us grow as a company and continue to be innovative in the eDiscovery industry.